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 pavo2.gif (1251 bytes) Thanksgiving Day pavo2.gif (1251 bytes)

pavo.gif (1281 bytes) The History of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Story
The Story rewritten by MĒ Teresa
The First Thanksgiving
First Thanksgiving -- National Geographic Kids
How we celebrate Thanksgiving

pavo.gif (1281 bytes) Quizzes, Word Searchers, Puzzels, Crosswords, Printables, etc.

Thanksgiving Quiz (past simple)
Thanksgiving Quiz (comprehension)
Thanksgiving Wordsearch
Thanksgiving in USA
Thanksgiving - a Web Adventure by Fernanda Rodrigues
Lesson Planning: Thinking About Thanksgiving: Lessons Across the Curriculum
ESL Quiz - Thanksgiving
Scrambled Word Quiz - Thanksgiving Meal
Thanksgiving Worksheets and more
Thanksgiving cards

The First Thanksgiving