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They are devoted to revise word families. Each line has three or four exercises, normally starting with a listen and repeat activity and following with some exercises and games. Enjoy the trip!


LINE 1 - Animals (updated)  
LINE 2 - Family (updated)
LINE 3 - Numbers (updated)
LINE 4 - School & Subjects (the rest of the lines will be available soon)
LINE 5 - Professions & Shops
LINE 6 - Body & Clothes
LINE 7 - House
LINE 8 - Sport




They are defined in 3 levels A, B, C and D, and arranged in order of difficulty. Students will do all kind of language exercises: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, communication, etc. And will practice the 4 skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

ROUTE 2 -Present Continuous-Descriptions-Clothes-Actions-Environment
ROUTE 3 - Past Time - Holidays- Entertainment- Biographies- Personality-