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To UbeireTo Ubeire

When we arrived to Ubeire we made ourselves comfortable, then we had lunch and we went for a walk for about two and a half hours. We came back, had a shower and prepared dinner. After dinner we we got all together in the dining room and we were singing and talking. Finally we went to bed.

The second day we went to "el Cerro del Almirez" after breakfast and we came back to the shelter eight hours later. We had a shower and after dinner we stayed in the dining room until the daybreak.

The third day we got up very late and we cleaned everything because we had to come back to Huelma. Maribel Ortega



"The vision of the director dancing was amazing. I have had a great time but I didn´t sleep much and I walked too much. But I was happier than blue pitufos. Nobody wanted to come back and I discovered that teachers can be friendly too. Finally I learnt how Guadahortuna´s ambulance sounds." Arturo Barquero
"The best of Ubeire´s trip was being together with my friends." Miguel AngelPardo
"The music was very entertaining the first day , but the second one it wasn´t entertaining any more. The cottage and landscape were so beautiful!!!."Manuel García
"In the peak of the mountain Almirez I saw the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen. Climbing to the top was very tiring and I came to back to the cottage very, very hungry". Nicolas Barajas
"The trip to Ubeire hasn't been very long, it only lasted three days. The first day we wanted to go round and at night we had a party. The second day was very hard, we went to the Almirez’s peak (this peak is at 2500 metres), we walk for a very long time." Ramón Díaz
"On the third day we planted a lot of trees in the country" Manuel Galiano
"I didn’t go to Ubeire’s trip because I thought that it was boring. But now I regret it because my classmates had a good time on Ubeire´s days." Mª Jose Galiano
"When we arrived to the top of the mountain we could see a beautiful landscape. We saw Sierra Nevada and Sierra Mágina. At night we were in the dinning room and we sang and danced with the teachers." María Jesús Machado
"The trip was very tiring during the day and very funny at night. I want to go back again next year. We climbed the Almirez’s peak.There the landscape was very beautiful. We could see the Mulacen’s peak, which is the highest point in the Iberica Peninsula. At night we danced for three or four hours, we were with the teachers in a big room. There we sang and talk about a lot of things." Fernando Esteban

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