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St. Valentine's Day Cloze Quiz (passive voice)
21 Reasons I Love You Quiz (vocabulary)

A love letter (present perfect)
Write your love poem-short version (drag and drop)
Write your love poem- longer version (drag and drop)
St.Valentine's Reading Comprehension
St.Valentine's activities
St.Valentine's Treasure Hunt
Magnetic Poetry
Valentine's Day Quiz-1
Valentine's Day Quiz-2

Crossword Puzzle - Valentine's Day-1
Crossword Puzzle - Valentine's Day-2
Romeo and Juliet Webquest

mnheart4.gif (911 bytes) St. Valentine’s Story

The History of Valentine's Day
St.Valentine's Reading Comprehension
Valentine's Quiz (comprehension)
St.Valentine's messages by my students
Love is the source if life (reading comprehension)


mnheart4.gif (911 bytes) Postcards, Poems, Quotes, Love letters, Jokes, etc.

Valentine Limericks
Silly Valentine Poems
Valentine Trivia Game
21 Reasons I Love You
Traditional Romantic Poems
How to kiss great
Famous Quotations on Love
Shakespeare's Love Sonnets
Love Calculator

Love is being happy.....(poem)
The Flower Expert

mnheart4.gif (911 bytes) Other Links

Valentines Day Teaching Theme- Valentines Help For Teachers!
BillyBear4Kids.Com Valentine Fun
"I love you" in various languages
Send an E-Valentine or an E-Kiss
Who DoYou Love
1 square foot of rainforest for every eCard sent
Valentine Cards