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R: you need to register
H: offers free hosting/ NH: no host P: to be done "Printed"OFF:can be done offline or upload on your own server

1. Creating Materials for Blended or Online Learning

1. Presentation: this will give you an idea of what this chat session will be about. Click on the picture to see the ppt presentation.



In sum: it is about using free web authoring tools to enhance reading and vocabulary learning.

In this session we will see some examples and visit some of the sites that offer those tools.

First of all examine examples 1 & 2:

1 The Kyoto Protocol have a look at the activities linked on the left

2 Where is the Love. Click on exercises, have a look at then and see the attached interactive exercises: treasure hunt, cloze1, cloze2, memory.

2 Lucky Lucky, Click on exercises, have a look at then and see the attached interactive exercises.


To explore later:

3 I'm loosing my patience. Especially, Look at exercises from 3 to 7.

4 Holy Week Especially those exercises with the yellow dot.

The following notes will help you distinguish the characteristics of each of the sites that we are going to explore:

R: need to register to create an activity on the site.
H /NH: offers or do not offer free hosting, (H sometimes implies that the exercise must be done online, but not necessarily.)
P: to be done "Printed" and completed on a paper.
OFF:can be done offline, that is, without being connected to the Web. So, you can save it on your computer or in a floppy and complete it with the students.

The opposite characteristics will be understood if these notes are not displayed.

Further reading: Creating Materials Online with Free Teacher Tools


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