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R: you need to register
H: offers free hosting/ NH: no host P: to be done "Printed"OFF:can be done offline or upload on your own server


4. Quizzes I

Quizzes usally refer to interactive exercises. Most of the sites selected below offer multiple types of quizzes that can be done Offline. There is no need for registration.

We are going to explore a few representative sites:

See these examples:a) matching b) memory c) toiletplace d) Eastergloss f) memory, g) gaps

Explore the Headlines Makers site (OFF)

See these examples: Easter-bilingual1, Easter-bilingual2 (will open in a new window)

Explore the Charles Kelly's Bilingual Online Quiz Generator (OFF/ H ON) this site allow you to create both types as you see in the examples.

See these examples: songcloze , Chittycloze , Lucky song

Go to the ClozeMaker Test Author (OFF)

To explore later:

See these examples: Headlines1, Headlines2

Explore the site Spellmaster (OFF) You have to download the programme and do it on your computer.

To explore later:

See this example: sentencemix

Explore the Smile@MSU (OFF)


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