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R: you need to register
H: offers free hosting/ NH: no host P: to be done "Printed"OFF:can be done offline or upload on your own server


Quizzes II

The Quizz sites below offer different types of exercises that can be hosted and done online (R H).

You need to register to use all of them.

See these example:Prefixes and Suffixes Quiz , Lucky song vocabulary

Explore the Quiz Generator at Prp Profsl (R H) Click on " Register", then go down on the page and click on "I ahve read ..." and "register" again. Follow the steps and once you have finished, "log in" and "create a quiz".

See the examples: Romeo and Juliet / Cancer

Explore the site Script- O! (R H P) You have to register, then create your quizzes that can only be printed though you can always edit and change them again.

Explore later:

See these examples:Shakespeare's life, Type of dreams, these are done at Discovery Channel, But it is not possible anymore to create a "Custom Classroom" and use the site as it could be used before.

Quiz Star (R H) Again, a very good site, but it has changed and now it is free only for K12 schools in US.


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