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Web-based Activities

The Web-based Activities that we are examining here are planned to make students read authentic materials on the Web, putting into practice reading and vocabulary strategies.

See these Examples: (a) How much do you know about love?(b) Study English abroad!

Explore the site Track Star (R H). You need to register every time you do a new activity. In fact, you register the activity.

It can be useful to create: Topic Hotlists (a) and Treasure Hunts (b)

See these examples: (a) What is sleep?, (b) The Kyoto Protocol (c) Healthy Body d) Le Château de Versailles

Explore the site Worksheet Wizard (R H) You need to register for every activity like in Track star.

It can be used to create: Treasure Hunts (a)(b) and other kind of reading activities, for example (b) is a reading text with several vocabulary and comprehension exercises.

Explore later:

Webquests are quite complex activities, have a look at this page if you want to learn more about them

These are two examples of webquest generators.

(a) Aula 21 in various languages (b) Php Webquest in various languages

See this collection of examples in different languages, though most of them have been created using a template and a web page editor.

WebQuest: Today's News (university students)

More examples of web-based reading activities



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