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WebQuest for L2 Design (I)
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Process Design
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Prepare the "scaffolding" to support the students in the implementation of the task: quizzes, tables, diagrams, questions, etc.

Write down the task that steps to follow in the process of the WebQuest. Take into account your students' age and command of language.


1. Define the "Activating Background Knowledge" part

2. Generate the activities of the "Language Workshop"

3. Define the steps of the part "Preparing the Task"

4. Define how the student have to proceed in "performing the Task"


In the Process, clearly specify what each role has to do and include the links to the resources that each of them are going to use, together with the quizzes and scaffolding activities.

Define how to go through the evaluation. Decide which dimensions we are going to consider in the evaluation of the WebQuest, as well as the indicators of a bad or good performance.

Write the conclusion. Ask the students to reflect back on what they learned and about their own process of learning.





Activating Background Knowledge


Language Workshop

Preparing the Task

Performing the Task