Autor: Juan Gómez Ordóñez

     Level: 1st of Bachillerato



Every country, city, culture, language... has its own characteristics. It has been proved that travelling is the best way of getting knowledge of the cultural, the people and the language of the different countries. For this reason, today we are going to approach to the city of Granada.

As you know, Granada is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities in the southern region. It is an important cultural centre in Europe, with one of the oldest and the most important universities in the country.

Granada is also the cradle of internationally well-known poets and writers. Granada history has left an incomparable architectural legacy. It is in the heart of Andalusia, home of Flamenco. Granada is an exciting and lively city that always leaves an incredible memory on the people who visit it.


You have been offered the possibility of travelling to London for summer with your classmates but, before leaving, you have to do a project on what to do and see in the city of Granada.

Good luck!                 



Your school has been asked to participate in a tourist project offered by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism.You have to elaborate a full dossier which includes information on the city of Granada, such as, history, geography, culture, gastronomy, places to visit, and so on. The winning school will get a prize from the mentioned Ministry, consisting on  one week trip to London for the whole class.


Before you do this task, you should always take into account that the project should fit the travellers’ needs and circumstances.

A group of civil servants from the Ministry of Tourism will be sent to your school to evaluate your final dossier. Therefore, this should be accurate and professional as if you

 all were working in a travel agency.

You will work in groups of 3 students to do the dossier. Every gruoup will be doing tasks related to the particular aspects of the information requested for the dossier´s elaboration. For example, you should include activities and attractive choices the city of Granada can offer the visitor. Each group will be in charge of at least 3 aspects visitors are interested in.



For doing the assigned task, you have to distribute your time and the activities to be done by the students. Every group member will be responsible for the role presented to him/her. Once you have been assigned your role, you will then proceed to research your topic.

You will form groups of 3 students and the Roles will be as follow:

Student 1: will be in charge of getting information about history, geography and culture.
Student 2: should get information related to activities, eating out and monuments.
Student 3: will be in charge of collecting of the information regarding accommodation, parks and nightlife in the city.

At the end, every group has to do a dossier and an exhibition of pictures.

*Note: All members of these groups are obliged to help the other members as soon as they finish their tasks.

The tourist research about the city of Granada should be divided in several stages or divisions according to the different aspects we want to cover. Some of them could be:

a) History

b) Geography

c) Monuments

d) Eating out

e) Restaurants

f) Traditions

g) Itineraries

h)  Parks


Please remember that your final duty is to work together and evaluate the information you have gathered for this dossier which will be sent to the Spanish Ministry of Tourism. A part from this dossier, you are requested to get the best pictures of the city to decorated the classroom.


RESOURCES  Patio de los Leones  

We are presenting you some useful links. Click on your link to find helpful information that will aide you in your research. You should look for cultural aspects, popular sightseeing locations, and historical information about the city. If you have any problems reading the information appearing in the Internet, please use the Spanish/English dictionaries we are presented you below:



Here is a list of websites where you can find all you need for your dossier:

If you would like to learn more about Spain click    HERE


*Accommodation   in Granada

*Activities    in Granada

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*Weather forecast  in the city

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*Easter week in Spain  

*Bullfighting in Granada  

*Night Life in Granada

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*NaturalPark  of  Sierra Nevada

*Spanish culture  in Spain   











You will be evaluated on an individual and group basis. Individually, you will be marked on how well you completed your role in the group project. We will also take into account your responsability in the group. As a group, your performance, dossier and picture exhibition (click here for your best PHOTOS ) will be considered in deepth. In addition to this, you will receive three grades: individual , group and exhibition grade.

Please be fair with all the group members, each group is responsible for completing its job. This is what we call "team work" and you all are involved in the final result.

Creativity and good explanations of the decisions taken will be highly valued.



By doing this project, you will be able to learn more about the city of Granada in addition to learning from the members of your group.

As you´ll notice there are a lot of sights Granada. This work can also be helpful for your history and geography lessons

Take a few minutes to do the following  QUIZ on line:

Once you have completed your assignment successfully you should have learned the following:

1. How to search the Internet to look for any information needed.

2. How to organise team work.

3. How to elaborate a dossier and a picture exhibition.


Finally, we´ll have a debate in class about all difficulties you have had doing this assignment.



As we all can be benefited from others´ works. Anyone wanted to get information from my project, please feel free to do it.

I would like to thank the owners of the web pages which have permitted me to complete this project. Special mention to the "Don quijote" language school and the "Patronato de turismo de Granada" oficial web page.

Finally, I would also like to thank Isabel Pérez for her course in Teaching and Learning English through web pages which has been very helpful. Much of the information needed to do this webquest has been taken from her web page