Secret Societies in Religion: The Knights Templar

A WebQuest for Bachillerato Students

Designed by Mar Resina








Secret societies have always existed throughout all the times and, almost always, they have been related and connected to religion. This has been so because religion is the most powerful force that makes the world moves ahead. What if you or your ancestors had taken part in one of these societies? What do you know about the most public one of them; the Knights Templar? What relevance would this medieval society have in our own one?


You are going to take a virtual field trip to the Medieval Era, when the Knights Templar were born or founded. Upon your return, you will create a secret society with similar characteristics to this order in the sense of having a leader, rules, laws, rites, history, etc., adapted to our own time.


1. First, you'll be assigned to a team of 4 students with the following roles:

a) Historian. You will have to investigate and look for information about the Knights Templar history.

b) Founder. You will have to investigate anf look for information about this order's founder and the following leaders that this one has had during its existence.

c) Mythologist. You will have to investigate and recompile information about the Knights Templar's myths, legends and legacy.

d) Investigator. You will have to look for information about the existence of other types of secret societies related to this order and this time until nowadays.

2. Once you've picked a role to play, do the following:

a) Historian: You have to make an essay in which you tell all the history about the Knights Templar. 

Then, you have to create the history to your own secret society.

b) Founder: You have to make a summary of founder of this order's life as well as a brief essay of his successors' lives, emphasizing the important or relevant facts with which they contributed to the order, if they did.

Then, you have to create a profile for the leader of your own secret society.

c) Mythologist: You have to write a kind of report about the myths and legends of the Knights Templar that you've liked the most, as well as a complete report or essay about their legacy.

Then, you have to create a kind of book with myths and legends of your own secret society, joined to your own legacy.

d) Investigator: You have to make a wide essay about all the secret societies known until our times. After that, you will have to choose twoo of them and compare them.

Then, you have to design a symbol for your own secret society as well as a provisional list with the rules, laws, rites of entry and beginning, etc. for it.

3. You can use as "scaffolding" help a questionaire, two glossaries and a chronology.

4. Once every member of the group has done his/her part of the work, put all the information in common to create your own secret society. Here, you can discuss and agree every point treated separately previously.

5. Revise all your works and make a sort of book in which all the points of your secret society are written: that is to say, name, leader, hierarchy, members, rules, laws, rites, punishment (if there's any), costumes, myths, legends, history, legacy, goals, etc.

6. Give a print copy of your project to your teacher.


Here, you have a list of links that will be very useful to carry out your individual and group works:




You will receive two grades for this WebQuest:

1. Individual Grade.

You have to write a project report in which you state your contribution to the final work. You have to focus on your responsability in the group during the process and what work you did. Your individual grade will be based on this report and on the teacher observation. You can add additional information you think your teacher should consider or take into account. Be truthful.

2. Group Grade.

Your group grade will be determined from your group's final work, in this case, the creation of a book or "bible" of your own secret society.


By creating a new secret society, we have been able to know better those ones that had remained between the public and visible thing, and the hidden and secret thing. How did this work contribute to your knowledge and understanding of the Knights Templar? How did it contribute to your knowledge and understanding of other secret societies before and after our own society? What more things would you like to know about these societies and their hidden worlds? You can use the resources of this WebQuest to investigate anf know more about it and about any other type of society with similar features related to religion.


This WebQuest has been created by Script-O. The links used for the resource section have been taken from the search in google navigator. The images have been taken from the following sites: templars/templars... conspiracy/knights-templar/ scotland/templar1.jpg templ.htm Chip/Chip.html conspiracy/knights-templar/ pics/carcassonne_l.jpg wiki/Knights_Templar


  1. How much do you know about the Knights Templar?