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Teens and Birth Control

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1. Read the text about ovulation and fertilisation. Then answer to the following questions:

a. How long is the egg able to be fertilised?

b. How many sperms will fertilise an egg?

c. How many eggs do women produce a month?

d. How long does sperm take to reach the egg?

e. What happens when one sperm breaks through the shell that protects the egg?

f. Withdrawal does not work for contraception Why?

g. Which other methods are not effective?

h. Read the pages about diaphragm and birth pill control and write a brief summary comparing both methods

i. Which of these two methods has more advantages?  Give some advantages of using birth control pills

2. Finally, read these two stories of teen parents and write down on your notebook some sentences from them that can summarise what has happened to these people.

Other resources that can be of interest to complete this task:

Contraception Methods and Myths

Follow-up on-line Quiz: Fact of life


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