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Let's Talk about:Teens and STDs


1. What does STDs stand for?

2. Which is the best way to prevent STDs? Explain some other ways you knowcolumpio.gif (2471 bytes)

3. Do condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases?

4. Which are the common symptoms of Trichomoniasis? is Trichomoniasis similar to Candidas?

5. Can you get it in a swimming pool? How many cases of Trichomoniasis occur in USA every year?

6. How is Hepatitis B transmitted? Is there cure for Hepatitis B?

7. Have women and men the same symptoms?

8. Which organ is damaged by Hepatitis B virus?

Now, use the following pages to answer the questions about AIDS and HIV: Page 1; Page 2

9. What does AIDS stand for? Which causes this illness?

10. Which are the primary causes of HIV infection?

11. What is the main consequence of AIDS?

12. Is it possible to get it in swimming pools or sharing food with someone?

13. How long can it take to get AIDS after being infected?

14.How is AIDS tested?

15. Which is the treatment for AIDS?

16. When and where was AIDS first reported?


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