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You are going to learn about capoeira. Visit these links and answer the following questions: 1.- What is Capoeira?
2.- Who is Mestre Bimba?
3.- Which are the main instruments used in Capoeira?
4.- Which are the parts of a berimbau?
5.- What is the name of the instructor of the school of Granada?
6.- How many schools are in Dublin?
7.- In order to dance Capoeira, you need to wear an abada. What is this? What kind of design can you find printed on the leg?
8.- Find these words on the link of the glossary: aluno, chula, corridos, ginga, mestre, roda, rocar. Once you have find them, translate their meaning into spanish.
9.- Final proyect. After you have read about Capoeira, write an essay of 150 words answering these two questions: What have you found more interesting? Would you like to practice Capoeira?


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