Let's discover Sauna



This treasure hunt will lead us to discover more about Sauna. Sauna has a long history and they are used all around the world. Let's find out where can we take a sauna, the different uses of sauna, how to build a sauna.... We will concentrate on Finnish Sauna, one of the most popular among its population.

1. How many different saunas can we have?
2. What can we use sauna for? Which are the health effects of sauna?
3. How often can we take a sauna?
4. How long does it take having a sauna?
5. What do they use sauna for? And in old times?
6. What temperature do they recommend for sauna?
7. What do they use birch for?
8. How do Finns use to cool off?
9. Do sauna have any sexual connotation?
10.What is a stove?
11.How were the old saunas?

-In site number 5, go to reader's online, read three of the messages, make a summary of them and add your own message if you like.

-Make a brief summary of the site you like most.

Enjoy a sauna!!!



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