Spanish writers

A journey through Spanish Literature



Spain has a great Literature tradition, from the Middle ages to present time. Check the Links and answer the questions. Good Luck!

1) Which poet won the Spanish National prize of Literature in 1966? With which work?

2) What is considered the best period of the writer José de Zorilla?

3) Wich literature review was the most representative one after Spanish civil war?

4) Explain what is a caligram in your own words

5) What are the three "folk tragedies" of Lorca?

6) Where did Alberti travelled after the Spanish
civil war? Where did he lived from 1961 to 1977?

Final Project.

- Use the links to write a summary about one of the following themes related to Spanish literature:

A- The poetry in the 27 generation, its main figures and works (Lorca, Alberti, Salinas, Aleixandre...)

B- The poetry in the Romanticism, important writers and books (Espronceda, Zorrilla, Bécquer)

- In the last link, you will find some of the famous "Rimas" by the poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer. Choose one and try to explain what is the intention of the author. Try to translate into english the number XXI.


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