What's in a band name?
  Let's find the answers rocking!



INTRODUCTION In this Treasure Hunt you are going to learn what lies behind the names rock bands choose to call themselves.

1. Explain one of the possible reasons why Green Day chose this name for their band.
2. Why did Richard Melville take Moby as a name for his band?
3. What's the meaning of REM?
4. What does the name Oasis have to do with the Beatles?
5. What philosophy is there behind an acronym like U2?
6. Who said 'you sound like Garbage'?
7. Who was the real character standing for Lynyrd Skynyrd?
8. Which book and by whom inspired the Doors to call themselves such a suggestive name?
9. What's the paradox of giving a band a name like Depeche Mode?
10. What relationship exists between Eurhythmics and teaching?


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