This site is intended to make you know the curiosities about love and all the information you need to succeed in love. Here you have some questions together with the links enabling you to find out its solutions. If you can answer all of them, you'll become an expert in love!

1. What's the dictionary's definition of love? Where is this word from?

2. How many stages are there in love? Make a brief description of each one.

3. Can love cause you any mental illness, or make you sad? Why?

4. What four things must you keep in mind while talking about yourself in first dating?

5. What consists the festivitiy of Lupercalia in?

6. Which twelve foods are considered aphrodisiacs?

7. What elements are often present in interpersonal love?

8. What does "paraphilia" mean?

9. What are the differences between companianate and passionate love?

10. According to the triangular theory of love, which combination of elements characterises "fatuous love"?

11. What cultures do the following words belong to and what do they mean? - Amae - Agape

12. Say what mythologies the gods and goddesses below belong to. - Freya - Kama - Rati - Xochipilli

13. What are the main love addiction's causes?

14. What four points should probably involve any love addiction's treatment?



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