Leonardo da Vinci

A Restless Rebel


Leonardo da Vinci was not only a great painter but also an incredible scientist, thinker and inventor. But did you know what a rebel this brilliant individual was?

Copy the following questions on your notebook and answer each of them by visiting the Leonardo da Vinci sites listed below.

۰ When was Leonardo da Vinci born?

۰ Where is Vinci located?

۰ In what time period did da Vinci live?

۰ What colour did he use in his paintings in order to create depth?

۰ What is known about da Vinci´s unusual writing?

۰ Was he dedicated to finishing every piece of work that he started?

۰ At one point in his life Leonardo was denounced. What was he accused of?

۰ What king was Leonardo an artist for?

۰ Did Leonardo like animals?

۰ What types of inventions did Leonardo conceive hundreds of years before their time?

۰ Name three different "work machines" he invented.

۰ What did he do with dead bodies and why?

۰ Where was Leonardo originally buried?

۰ Was he recognized as a genius during his lifetime?



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