The Magic of Sweden

A brief overview


Sweden is a country which has remained unknown for a long time to many European people. As it is sometimes considered to be quite far in the North, people, especially from Mediterranean countries have not had the opportunity to discover the beauty of a place full of nature, wonderful landscapes, nice people and better cultural aspects.

With the following Treasure Hunt, our intention is to find out the pleasure of living in such a place and what is more, to know how its citizens are, what the weather is like, how can we get to the country and live there, transportation and many other topics...

The student must follow the following instructions and try to get a correct answer to all the questions proposed below. Eventually, he or she will find that, maybe, a good destination for his or her travels could be this beautiful country, which is waiting for you with its open arms.

Task: try to look for a correct answer to all of the questions below. In this same webpage you are also given the links you, as a student, are supposed to click on.

1.What is the capital of Sweden?
2.Which is its surface?
3.How is its population distributed?
4.Which are the main cultural events you can find in the country?
5. What are the Swedish like? Which are their hobbies?
6. How about the Swedish landscapes? What are the lakes, mountains, rivers, etc, like?
7. What is the weather like in that country?
8. Which are the different regions into which the country is divided?
9. How do young people live there and how do they enjoy themselves?
10. Which are the possibilities people have to evade from routine?
11. How can you get to different places in Sweden? Which are the best ways of transportation?
12. Which are the main touuristic places you can find in the country? Do you like them?



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