MTV on the spotlight

Did Video Kill the Radio Star?



WELCOME, HUNTERS, to this trial!
In the beginning, there was nothing but the radio. Then, the light came in. MTV appears...

Video killed the Radio Star

FACTS OF THE CASE: We'll rather let you find out for yourself...

1.What do the initials MTV stand for?

2.What do you know about the origins of MTV?

3. Is MTV exclusively devoted to music?

4. How many channels does MTV have in USA and UK? Are they broadcasted in other countries? Where?

5.Describe the differences between MTV Networks in Europe and USA?

6.What are MTV UK greatest hits at the moment? Are they familiar to you? Find information about one of these hits: members, music style, story of the band, lyrics...

How has the appearance of MTV influenced the world of music? Mention both positive and negative effects.


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