Students will develop this task on Picasso`s life and paintings. First they will find the information about him by answering the questions and then they will write an essay.

Answer these questions about Picasso´s life and work:
1. What is his full name?
2.When was he born?
3. When did he die?
4. Find out the names of his parents,brothers or sisters
5. What were the names of Picasso´s wives or lovers?
6. Where were their nationalities?
7. What are his children and grandchildren´s names?
8. Are there any children in his paintings? Who are they?
9. Describe some people in his paintings(what they look like,the clothes they are wearing,their personality).
10.Is there anything special about the people´s faces or bodies?
11.What animals can you see in his pictures?
12. Which topics did he paint about?
13.Why did he go away from Spain? Where did he live?
14. In which way did he influence the concept of painting?
15. Main events that influenced his life.


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