Who is the Queen?

Treasure Hunt for Second Cycle of Primary


In England there is a Queen, Elizabeth II, but she is a person like you and me.She has got a family and a life. Come with me to discover lots of thing about this person.
Remember you must give complete answers.


1. What's the complete name of Elizabeth II?
2. What's her father's name?
3. What's her mother's name?
4. How many brothers or sisters has she got?
Write the names.
5. Who is her husband?
6. How many sons or daughters has she got?
Write the names.
7. Has she got grandchildren? How many?
Write the names.


* Imagine you are the Queen/King of the Illusionland. Draw your family and present all the members to the class.



This Worksheet was created by Beatriz Ruiz

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